Deptford X 2013

"For Deptford X 2013 I asked participants to communicate a wish to me and I made talisman or charm to help give the good luck to achieve it. It was a project about fantasy, articulating what you want and giving it a visual or tangible form. It was reminiscent of the Bolivian annual fair Alasitas where everything is made in miniature and you buy what you want for the coming year, but in a tiny form. It was also about having a small reminder of hope when things are difficult. 

I was available to hear wishes during my Open Studios weekend at APT (27-30 September 2013) at the start of the Deptford X Festival. People visited me in my studio to secretly tell me a wish, I then gave them a card with their number. During the following week I made objects and took photographs of them. The physical results could be seen and collected by appointment at APT on Sunday 6th October, and I tweeted and posted photographs daily on this site with the person involved anonymous and the wish secret."  
Victoria Rance


Communicate a wish to me and 
I will make a talisman to help 
give you the good luck to achieve it.  
Tell me during 
APT Open Studios 6 Creekside London SE8 4SA 
Fri 27 Sept 6-8 pm, Sat 28 Sept 1-5 and Sun 29 Sept 1-5, 

Make an appointment to see the results 
at APT Studios on 
Sunday 6th October 2 - 4pm
Twitter @VictoriaRance
victoriarance at   


From Deptford X 2014

A film recording I Wish was shown as part of Deptford X 2014 at APT 6 Creekside Deptford London UK SE8 4SA from 26th September 6-9 and then Fri Sat & Sun 2-5 until 5th October. 
It was awarded a prize from Deptford X.
Idea film and objects Victoria Rance Composer Lynn Yang